Monday, January 24, 2011

Science Monster

Science Monster Fun lessons with activities to help reinforce your science lessons! Plants, Chemistry, Physics, the Solar System and more are available.

New Sims - PhET Simulations

New Sims - PhET Simulations Interactive Science simulations for the University of Colorado at boulder (thnx Lucy Gray)

Science Explorer

Science Explorer :Lots of fun, hands on, science activities for students of all ages.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Elmwood Technology

This is the blog of a teacher I work with, he has some really great links here for 1 - 6 grades. There are links for almost all curriculum topics.

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Computer Kiddos Wiki / Scratch Animals on the move

For those of you who use Scratch or those who would like to. If you have never heard of Scratch then you need to look here. MIT created this great software to teach students about programming and it does that and so much more. Lots of great how tos, videos and activities for teaching scratch to your students. This program is a great way to teach those higher order thinking skills. Scratch encourages thinking, planning and problem solving skills. This can also be used to reinforce science and math learning. Great tool for geometry!!! It is actually great fun to play with for adults too!

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