Monday, October 20, 2014

I have a couple links I want to share today, they are just fun things, helpful sites that might make teaching a learning a bit easier.

The first one I just love, the whole idea is so helpful.  It is called Bouncy Balls and it monitors classroom noise levels.  You do need to have a microphone and I understand from the Teacher's First blog it was a little difficult to get that going but once you do the balls let your students know what their noise level is.  Just a little thing but it is such a nice visual.  I think you would initially have to let the kids make the balls bounce, get the fun of the thing out of the way but if you used it regularly I think it might be helpful.

Bouncy Balls

The next one is Just Flip a Coin and that is just what it does, great fun but also great for probabilities!

Just flip a coin