Monday, September 16, 2013

Great infographic on Digital Manners from Langwiches

Knowthenet presents Manners Matter

Knowthenet presents Manners Matter the online Netiquette Do's and Don'ts infographic.

Is your district buying iPads?  Have your teachers been trained?  Often the answers are yes and then no.  Hopefully this is not your issue, teacher training in the use of any new technology is crucial to its effective use.  Here is a great blog from Free Technology for Teachers with resources to help guide your teachers and your district in the use of your iPads.  There is a link to an article detailing What the iPad is and what it isn't!  In addition there are a number of links to presentations helping teachers figure out what their best practices might be.
Now That Your Students Have iPads... Great Advice from Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano

Been a long time

The internet filter in our school district blocks the dashboard for blogger, I have stopped blogging because of it.  And that is a flimsy excuse, it can be bypassed it just takes a tiny bit of effort on my part.  So I decided to get back here and continue putting out the great sites and ideas I find for using technology.

Here is another one from Free Technology for Teachers (if you teach and don't follow this blog shame on you!!).  If you use Google Chrome this is an app you can download into the browser.  It is called Task Timer and it lets you set times for short term and long term projects and activities.  Here is a link: