Thursday, October 22, 2015

Another one of my favorite bloggers comes through

Larry Ferlazzo is an ELL teacher who posts tons of great resources for ELL classrooms, for that matter they are great for any classroom.  He has written several books and continues to find the best resources to help students progress.  He does a variety of Best of lists, you should take the time to look at them but the one I want to feature today is The Best of Online Games. Lots of resources to make learning a more fun experience for students and teachers, plus ways to track your students progress.  He works to find free resources, some do have premium levels but usually they have a free level.  This blog also points out some of his other Best of lists so once you get going you will be hooked, I was!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I get lots of newsletters and follow lots of blogs but a few of them really stand out for me.  I get a daily Excel tip newsletter and I always take a few minutes to view it because of the info I find.  One particular newsletter stuck out, it was about creating dashboards in Excel.  I love Excel and manipulating data, it is a totally geeky thing but I will own up to it so when I see a new way to I jump on it.  this was awesome!  It provided a link to a webcast that explained a bit about dashboards and how to create them.  Of course it also offers extensive courses you can take if you are interested in furthering your skills.

Here is a link to the Newsletter and here is a link to the Excel Dashboard site.

Google Docs Tips and Tricks

I have posted many times about Free Technology for Teachers, Richard Byrne's blog.  He provides so many wonderful resources and is one of my go tos!  I wanted to include a couple of his blogs about add-ons for Google Docs.  Add-ons are additional tools or apps that can extend what you can do with Google Docs.  He has a blog about Add-ons and one about creating a Word Cloud using on of these Add-ons.

How to Create a Word Cloud in Google Documents

Take a look at his blog, I know you will find as many useful resources as I do!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bizarre Borders - Fun Geography and History Lessons

Another great post from Richard Byrne - this features videos from a Youtube channel.  Yes, I know that many schools block Youtube but there is usually a way to bypass those filters or you can use something like video to download them.  I loved the video about the American and Canadian border, it was funny without being ridiculous and very informative. .

Bizarre Borders - Fun Geography and History Lessons

Monday, October 5, 2015

Tons of Halloween Resources from Larry Ferlazzo

Larry Ferlazzo provides great resources for ELL teachers, but many of these are just plain good for all teachers.  With this in mind I thought I would include a link to his "The Best Websites for Learning About Halloween".  It is that time of year and many teachers are looking for ways to enhance learning while engaging students.  Check out these resources! To access the list click here.

More Google Apps Resources from Richard Byrne

Free Technology for Teachers has to be one of my favorite educational blogs, Richard Byrne provides wonderful resources and tutorials for teachers that enhance their use of technology.  Here is a blog featuring a link to his many Google Apps videos.

65 Videos about Google Apps