Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tech Tip Tuesday: Picasa 3.0 – edtech VISION

Blog to learn a bit about Picassa and how it works.  I love Picassa and use it as my picture organizer on my computer and also to upload to the internet.  It works very well, allows you simple editing and organization tools.  I think this can easily be mastered by a noob.  One of the best things about Picassa is it allows me to upload my pictures to the web from one computer and then to access them on another computer.  I get the full image, downloaded to the new computer, I can edit it, use it with other sites, whatever I want to do.   I am a big one of having pictures somewhere safe, in fact my husband says I get carried away. Digital pics are very vulnerable, if you only have them in 1 place you can easily lose them.  I upload to Picassa, Snapfish and then save to an external hard drive.  I also double check each of those periodically to see that all is well.  You don't have to use my resources but I recommend you develop a way to back up your pictures.  In addition stay up on formats and file types.  You can lose things throug obsolence also. 
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